Kedr Bank interest rates

The Russian Bank gives 4.70% in six months whether 50,000. How many around 100,000 euro could reach 5.30% 12 months !!!!!!!
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2 Tuesday, 08 June 2010 09:13
skeftomai na valo 15.000 euro se prothesmiako stin kedr gia 3mines! vlepo oti dinoyne 4%! einai katharo ayto i forologeitai meta? yparxei alli trapeza poy na dinei kati kalytero stous 3mines?
1 Wednesday, 02 June 2010 08:35
Κων/νος Τ
The interest rates that the bank is relatively high and see that paradiafimizetai than on what is really the site, but you should mind that only one branch is not connected to the system ZEUS for bad and if you luck you need your money sooner, then in contrast to all other banks do not get franc interest ......