Bankruptcy and deposits

Living London and I am a bit intimidated by bankruptcy and have a Greek bank deposits. I think to ship directly to my bank here in London. But it will take any week. We have information in the event of bankruptcy made plays when we do? Believe not in the next two months, akrivos over the holidays with tourists coming, but definitely in September. However, if you have a time estimate when it plays to do so advised. Efcharisto
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10 Tuesday, 29 June 2010 03:50

Children, I suggest calm and mind PUT YOUR work! We are in the Euro zone, came the U.S. D.N.T! Germany and France have invested in 10-GREEK BONDS, you say want to lose THEIR MONEY? IF CHROKOPISOUME, declining U.S. and France, BECAUSE INVESTMENT IN OUR COUNTRY! ABOUT EURO War? As you EARN FROM FALL 'The Destruction of the! MAN So listen to ANYONE who speaks UNDER INTEREST

9 Wednesday, 23 June 2010 10:17

I got my deposits at the Bank of Cyprus branch in Cyprus. In case of bankruptcy of Greece or exit from the euro will be affected; Please anyone who knows anything let me respond.

8 Tuesday, 22 June 2010 23:56

This article shows that there is no chance of stopping payments or restructuring debt.

But I noticed that the futures expiring in mid September are the greatest rate. If you ask futures expiring in August and October rates are lower. Because interest rates are maximum for mid to end September?

Why do we want to have money tied to time until September? One bank told me that since closed the third quarter, they want to have good statistical figures.

I do not know if it is true that the bank said. If anyone knows let us confirm or anyone knows anything let us record the view for everyone to know why they want to raise money in the banking system in September.

7 Tuesday, 15 June 2010 19:30
exw xrhmata sthn trapeza kyprou ... moy edei3an ena xarti pou leei oti H Kypriakh Dhmokratia eggyatai gia ta xrhmata mou se periptwsh ptwxeushs ... mias kai den einai Ellhnikh trapeza ... katopin ema8a oti H Trapeza Kyprou den den anoikei sto TEK Tameio Egguhshs Kata8esewn .. gnerizei kapoios na mou pei tipota ..????????????
6 Monday, 14 June 2010 16:47
What happens to funds in case of bankruptcy?
5 Monday, 14 June 2010 09:05
emergency operator
The serious question of our friend: "We have information if there is a bankruptcy when playing be;" answer that of course we have: to be announced Friday, July 30, 2010, exactly at 16:30. have time to go holiday; Greetings ...
4 Wednesday, 09 June 2010 17:50
All deposits up to 50,000 euro exasfalismenes, it at least told me trapzeiki official. From there, the state puts on hand. In case of bankruptcy bound commitments rather than money. May, for example the state to say forbidden undertakings given more than 100 euros a day. It also depends on the bank.
3 Monday, 07 June 2010 22:48
ego leo na pareis ta lefta soy apo tin agglia k na ta fereis ellada ... ..... pio pithano einai na varesei kanoni i agglia!
2 Monday, 07 June 2010 18:20
file iremise kai min agxoneis ton kosmo ... edw den mporeis na les oti thes edw ta vlepoun oloi .... akou ekei vgalame kai tin mera twra to pote tha ginei i ptwxexeysi .... file parakalw den thelw na antidikisw mazi sou alla gia na piseis ton kosmo prepei na exeis epixeirimata !!!!!! tha ginei ayto giati .. an den ton aitiologiseis poly apla den se pisteyei kaneis!!! poios sou to eipe ayto ???????? exw koufathei edw mesa aman poia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 Monday, 07 June 2010 18:09
From now on the weekend will be a nightmare for us Greeks, which we have little Leftakis aside. The bankruptcy will be announced the weekend to no one can take the money from the banks after bound by the state. When it knows that Giorgakis and a couple others. There is some megaloplousioi who have financial advisors and direct access to''ignorant.'' By the end will say that everything is fine. Everything would suddenly become. We only evidence we can with them to draw conclusions on how close it is this time (bankruptcy). Every time you cross the performance that day would be postponed. --- Sedatives and some sublingual bedside table next to nice to have ----. Good heart.!