I read here the amounts you want to quit ktl.giati go to private banks and not the custodial; what is wrong there; I'm asking do I not know something about.

giving for 5000 amounts to 100,000 rate 4.80 for one month and quarter 5%.

and interest or other grounds not heard the custodial; From what I read here other than interest rate 2-3 cases that give the private banks are much smaller and I was surprised.

if someone could let me answer.

Thanks a lot.

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2 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 08:41

I forgot to add that the mere deposit rate 3.20% gross, today asked not force 06.30.2010 1 € or more. Phone could not tell me ....:(

1 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 08:37

You know how many times during the decades of contact with the Deposits and Loans of both Athens and Thessaloniki for various transactions? There is no service if you fail to communicate your final place as either garbage or like I do you a favor by giving this good rate. And always asking me the phone: "What are you? Eisteee What?"

Dominates the paperwork such as the Treasury such Social Security and all the time asking if they should certainly have handled the case or your pending. While your telephone call to known references: identity, a recent statement and complete the application. After awhile, you can also occur fotototypia IKA or certificates or do not know what else.

A deposit bank check (why will not you carry money in your pocket) is valid (run) three days later, while in the private sector, one day after.

Another negative is that once a public strike and because the public is on the verge of bankruptcy, you know, the cap fits, wear it.

However, exceptionally, I must stress that in Lending (Loan) Fund Deposits and Loans in Thessaloniki, the kids do an excellent job!