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I am a civil servant salaries traditionally have an account on a specific bank by colleagues as I know we can not choose a bank for my payroll. There is a public official to convey my payroll account at another bank to have better rates if so is cost? There is a related GG?
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1 Thursday, 05 January 2012 09:48
Κογκαλίδης Χρήστος
First step you open payroll account at the bank wants to first holder in payroll. Second step educate submitting or sending information to your new account with the outstanding service you informing them of your desire (next month will be applied). Be careful, however, banks often change policy or put very low levels in older rates (hence the big myth rate) eg 1000 EUR 5% means 50 per annum and more than 1000 had 0.8 %(... had the fraud case) so the average rate is below 1%