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Good evening. I legally save through payroll of my work, around 12,000 euros which I have to Piraeus Bank. Could you enlighten if they return our country to DR what will happen to these deposits; (Will be automatically converted into drachmas and underestimated by the day;) interest in such an amount to make a deposit through webbanking or in some other way to bank abroad to avoid the devaluation; Did metratrepso to another currency; If I take from the bank and I have my hands in euro no difference if you turn the penny; Leave them where they are; Which is what good news today and safer in your opinion; Thanks in advance and I think I'm asking from a large portion of people who have such "small" savings and fear for the worst ...
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3 Saturday, 18 February 2012 21:54
But if you get them out, in some cases earn higher interest rate and guaranteed by the depreciation in case of changeover.
2 Wednesday, 23 November 2011 20:03
Λάζαρος Κικίδης
Hello I would like to suggest through ING GROUP to save money in the strongest European banks and make sure your money if devaluation and return to the penny because you will definitely get euros. if you want information contact
1 Monday, 07 November 2011 19:55
Ο Τσιγκούνης

Dear Nicholas, whether they be returned to the penny and what will happen in this case is the subject of many discussions .

In short if you go to DR, is expected to be converted to euro deposits in the new currency devaluations and follow.

To transfer money abroad through webbanking a low cost (eg Alpha Bank 10 million) and it is reasonable to spare the devaluation.

To convert the money into another currency and to keep a bank in Greece we do not guarantee that will save the forced conversion of the drachma and the more we have lost due to currency conversion.

As long as we keep the money in our hands one step hypothetical devaluation, but perhaps in danger of kidnapping.

If left in the bank earning a good interest rate.

What suits best is probably impossible to know if we can not predict the future.