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DIAVAZO DIAVAZO answer any questions ... I did not see .. ie what makes this site? gathering questions (IE STATISTICS) And then chrisimpopoiei (sells for more precise) to nearest bank (THE KALOPLIROTRIES IE) and stays the whole world, ie those who ask, with mouse in hand>;;;;
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1 Wednesday, 04 April 2012 09:35
Ο Τσιγκούνης
In no way questions are gathered to be sold! banks. The site of the comments are more for comments on an article. Questions are welcome and are more likely to find answer in the space of debate, as addressed to all readers of this page. This page did not claim the title of the omniscient and there is no guarantee that this will provide answers to all questions. The primary purpose of the page is to gather comparative form of banking products and ideas drawn from their respective websites. There is also the site of informal futures, where members of the page, may disclose the interest received from banks that do not report them. A significant portion of the page is the place of discussions, which often read interesting views and obtain useful information.