exw ena poso 25000 eyrw kai skeftomai gia prothesmiaki katathesi stin aspis bank ... uparxei kindinos na xasw ta xrimata moy .. prostateuomai ap to kratos .. i aspis bank thewreitai kali trapeza exei kalo onoma? New 3-month time deposit interest rate ASPIS ADVANTAGE 2 , 80% ... de gnwrizw polla pragmata giayto kai rwtaw.
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3 Saturday, 17 April 2010 09:10
I'm ypalilos public and cooperate with the bank rate has been 3 years in acct. 7% of salary (until 5000), and an amount of 20-25000 quits every month to advantage here, and two years ago with the best market rates! Now what to say ..... do not get you and my neck! Note: After 5000, can be opened and a second sight of 3%, and one to your wife with 3% and so on ... (Good, huh?)
2 Friday, 22 January 2010 15:39
Yesterday I went to the bank and offered me 51000 for month 2 months 3 months and 2.7 2.65 2.6 after-tax rates. Of course I am three months into this bank and do not know what rates pay for new money. Finally I would like to thank Tsigouni the page and very good information that we provide.
1 Wednesday, 25 November 2009 12:47
Ο Τσιγκούνης

The Aspis Bank decided to undertake a capital increase of EUR 120 million. Already the group has agreed to participate Resti increase the share capital of Aspis Bank with 65 million. The logical conclusion is not a problem bank. Even in the worst scenario, ie whether closed by the bank deposits covered by TEKE up to 100,000 per depositor. Personally I trust the bank and maintain deposit accounts in that it offers high interest rates.