Airfare and deposits on Kedr

Hi everyone ... I wonder ... Today "opened up my futures KEDR after 1 year. In the end there I lost my money, instead of multiplied by 7.5% when the Greek banks kafiontousan 3% and 4% last year gave ... Anyway, I think to heal the same one and still offers the highest rate in 3 months syntax-check the period than they saw! My question is this: If money commitment of all the Greeks (see bankruptcy) If I have in Russian, will save or it makes no difference;;;; Thanks
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1 Friday, 05 March 2010 13:11
We will not spare anything and subject to the same laws as all banks in Greece. Nevertheless Search for rates to other banks because this time you will find competitive rates with those of KEDR ... Especially if you go to banks to negotiate with the requirement Hand ...