Treasury bills

Please, if anyone can help government bonds and more specifically for those with three years (20 quarters): - Endangered money this time, under the "help" expected to get from the EU and IMF? - What is the procedure followed when we go to the bank? What papers complete, it gives the bank? - And anything that may be useful to be more "quiet" ...
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2 Sunday, 18 April 2010 06:28
Ο Τσιγκούνης

To say that we need to have code SAT (System Dematerialised Securities Central Depository). It's the same code you need to buy shares. If we will need to open a day before and can do a bank or brokerage firm.

As for the risk of bankruptcy, some analysts say they do not have to worry about this year: , .

Insist, however, say that no one can predict with certainty the future, so let's keep in mind the risks and make choices based and our own intuition.

1 Sunday, 18 April 2010 02:34
fay k.
File, Pon. Apo xartia xreiazesai taytothta kai to AFM sou. T entoka exoun to idio risko me ta omologa.An xreokophsei to kratos den tha ta exoflhsei plhrws kai isws metaxronologhmena. Na xereis oti den dinoun oles oi trapezes efkola entoka, giati xanoun refsto apo tis katatheseis.Egw gia trhmhno tha agoraza.