Risk of deposits in Greece?

Since I can not predict the future I can not answer the question that torments many last time.

Seeing history in any country went bankrupt without the IMF, the world has lost its deposits. But the past does not bind the future.

The most significant risks, which many analysts say growing up is that of bankruptcy. The question is whether we get out of the euro depreciation and go to all deposits automatically converted to the new devalued currency. Note that if Argentina did not escape nor the foreign currency accounts.

Where we have our money, there are risks even at home or in a foreign bank. Our choices are many:

1) We leave the Greek banks
2) We put in a box
3) buy gold
4) Buy Property
5) Remove the outer
6) We put the mattress

I propose an option and each option has a cost and running a risk. Let everyone decide for themselves whether to do the above or some combination of these.

On the safety of banks, I think that all banks operating in Greece provide the same security.

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2 Thursday, 29 April 2010 09:18
I am delighted that the general problem is not eianai how to get money for daily survival, but what do we do with all that our surplus ... maybe we're finally rich country, privately always!
1 Wednesday, 28 April 2010 22:48
Xρεωμένος καταθέτης!
The question whether the euro put a deposit can seize us? The best solution is to purchase real estate, the matter is that the uncertainty that exists today must have money to tip. Even civil servants are not sure whether they will work or what wage will get! The market is good pounds as a long term investment. But I heard the Bank of Greece requested full details of your order to buy and get 20% commission (in bankruptcy would tell you not bring it back to get anything!). If you take pounds from a friend you can sell them to the Bank of Greece or must be documented in this and how to see if it really genuine? a jeweler is able to get half-price