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Central greece

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Pangrati: Φιλολάου 138, 116 32 210 756 3470 ACCOUNTING-TAX OFFICE KONSTANTINOS KAVVADIAS, ΠΑΓΚΡΑΤΙ, ΑΘΗΝΑ 11632, Ελλάδα
Καββαδίας Κωνσταντίνος
Pagkrati, Athina kentro, Nomos Attikis
Accounting, Services
€30 Καββαδίας Κωνσταντίνος accounting-απλογραφικών books (vkatigorias), including all απαιτούμενων statements. Free or personal tax returns of the professional. Deal is valid for throughout Attica from the Accounting-Tax consulting office «Kon/nos Καββαδίας» at Pangrati! - Offer expires: the day after tomorrow 23:59