Secrets rates banks

Often we see banks not to disclose their interest rates. Usually the reason is because they have competitive rates. Sometimes, however, banks have good rates of pay over the phone or even worse, if someone passed a ride from the store. Especially if you have a check in hand.

For these rates is blank information as it is difficult to identify, let alone get into a comparative table and updated daily.

In the end, a new term deposit comparison table , the informal and competitive rates of banks.

At this point you can bring all members of the site, where they learn from reliable source, for some good interest rates banks are not reported. In this category come the higher rates offered by some banks, and above the official rates.

Each member may introduce a new row. Is useful to record the minimum amount required for the rate we found. Automatically gets the nickname of the State in order and you can edit, even to go out. They may not be correct or delete rows that have put other members.

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26 Tuesday, 24 January 2012 15:00
boreite n mou peite poia einai ta epitokia twra stis trapezes?
25 Monday, 28 November 2011 17:52
How do you explain the low yields on futures in Switzerland with half percent interest rates for example; one reason why I thought so arbitrarily is how do we get so much money they do not find meaning MAKE forward and did not ask. In contrast to Cyprus, where non-resident can do futures with 11% in apodoi privetbank. no explanation for the low yields TIME in Switzerland; etcharisto.
24 Thursday, 28 July 2011 13:04
The closed at Piraeus 3-month interest rate of 4.4% for an amount 65000efro, I was told at the beginning of 4%
23 Thursday, 26 May 2011 18:44
I am a civil servant salaries traditionally have an account on a specific bank by colleagues as I know we can not choose a bank for my payroll. There is a public official to convey my payroll account at another bank to have better rates if so is cost? There is a related GG?
22 Monday, 04 October 2010 09:52
Nikos T.

Account of Live EuroBank no longer rate of 3% for amounts over 3.000 euro. Is 2%!

The account "Savings LIVE" opens only through e-banking

The interest is paid 1 month

21 Wednesday, 01 September 2010 20:41

Inform you that the first installment of interest (for the first 1.5 years) was paid on 20.8.1910 normalcy for 5-year Greek government bond given in early 2009 with around 5.5%.

20 Wednesday, 01 September 2010 20:37

Worth it, especially if you are already clients of Eurobank with another account.

The account "Savings LIVE" opens only through e-banking and offers 3% (2.7% net) amounting to more than 3000 €, and 1% (0.90% net) for 0-2999 €.

The interest attributable to the first of each month!

The product is good and money off!

Also there is a fee (I think)

19 Wednesday, 18 August 2010 18:46
Ο Επενδυτής

Children care to see first of all, what Banks spent the last endurance test. These are smaller indicating better rates; What do these banks are at higher depression; Will stand; If not what would be the money of depositors; You will probably have to see what happened to Ireland and went bankrupt.

So at best interest rates on scale of 2.9% - 3.5% are in major Greek banks that passed the endurance test than to gamble.

If we want to risk playing and storage facilities!!

Let us finally consider what orima before investing their money in small or new banks seeking liquidity by offering high infertility rates

18 Tuesday, 13 July 2010 00:13

Children ask a question.

What is the difference (if any) between:

a. Deposits redeemable


b. Term deposit

and what gives the highest interest rates?

Both, in fact, there is a deadline for withdrawing money, and I thought he was talking about the same thing. Is that happening?

17 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 23:38

National Bank children are not in the game of interest or I have lost episodes; do not see pouthena.einai both low interest rates that are knocked out; Does it sound like ANEKDOTO was asking;

16 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 01:02

I read here the amounts you want to quit ktl.giati go to private banks and not the custodial; what is wrong there; I'm asking do I not know something about.

giving for 5000 amounts to 100,000 rate 4.80 for one month and quarter 5%.

and interest or other grounds not heard the custodial; From what I read here other than interest rate 2-3 cases that give the private banks are much smaller and I was surprised.

if someone could let me answer.

Thanks a lot.

15 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 00:58

h alpha bank negotiations do; one has experience from there; went to two stores and was adamant in negotiations.

14 Thursday, 24 June 2010 15:34

For the orange salary ING know anything? If the interest is?

13 Friday, 04 June 2010 00:10
I have a private insurance program, the National pension insurance through a national bank is given on a euro (add +). If fimolofoumenis return to drachma, will I underestimate the amount I've put the euro will go to (because it is a purchased product with a specific value); one has view;
12 Thursday, 03 June 2010 13:34
Good morning .. I wish to inform you that the FBB me on 85 000 5% rate for 6 months ...
11 Tuesday, 01 June 2010 10:37
The Russian Bank gives 4.70% in six months whether 50,000. How many around 100,000 euro could reach 5.30% 12 months !!!!!!!
10 Thursday, 27 May 2010 21:16
Thursday 27 / 5 for 50.000 €, PROBANK 3 months, weighted average rate 4.5% monthly interest charge. (First no. 3%, second does not. 4.5% 3 months. 6%) Milenium 10 months, weighted average rate 4.5% , monthly interest charge. (1st to 9th not. 4% and the 10th Month 10%, and 500 € deposit 30im. addition of 50.000 € The "Money-Market. Panhellenic 12 months, weighted average interest rate 4.88% monthly interest charge. (1st to 12th Month 4.5% and finally 1 month gift total 4.88%)
9 Friday, 21 May 2010 07:54
May 20 Amount 50.000 Alpha Bank 3-month ----> Eurobank 3.8% 3-month ----> MO 3.4% (3.2% 1 months 2 months 3 months 3.4% 3.6%) with They take each month and wait for better rates in the near time
8 Wednesday, 19 May 2010 14:15
ansel 2
Wednesday 05/19/2010 Amount 185,000 Duration 3 months Attica Bank 4.5% (excluding trading) Post Office Savings Bank 4.3% (negotiated)
7 Thursday, 13 May 2010 14:44
Thursday 05/13/1910 Amount 180000 Probank 4,3% Marfin 4,2% PIRAEUS 3,95% Eurobank 3,9% of Cyprus 3,4% Geniki 2,9% These rates without negotiation simply asked in specific banks
6 Thursday, 13 May 2010 00:30
OF INTEREST RATE seems Term Deposits will rise ARKETA.KALA will it be before you make a deal to do a little RESEARCH AS WELL AS BRAZING DIAPRAGMATEFSI.MILAME had started to give UP 4.8% FOR AMOUNTS OVER 100 000
5 Monday, 03 May 2010 10:12
TUESDAY 27/04/2010 Term 3 months after negotiation PIRAEUS 3,80% MARFIN 4,10% MILLENIUM 4,15% FBBANK 4,25% negotiate and Tell MAKES GOOD!
4 Monday, 03 May 2010 08:00
40.000 euro gia 3 mines me 4% stin Proton Bank.
3 Tuesday, 27 April 2010 20:09
Certainly many people lured by high interest rates that bank. I just want to warn them that the branches left the Proton is dilapidated both in infrastructure and utilities in unpaid bills. If, as advertised by the bank Lavrentiadis go so well because it leaves behind debris;?
2 Monday, 26 April 2010 18:08
Ευαγγελος Γ.
secret .... then the margin to the rate of housing Evrokatoikia2 tach.tamieftiriou rose from 1.50 to 1.80% (minimum), which does not take the trouble to inform their site, while valid for 10 days ... at least for information and our list of interest rates ...
1 Monday, 26 April 2010 11:41
Now with all that we probably will not say anything new, but now my two bankers confirmed that the interest rate futures will continue to rise and more important ... I recall in contrast with another banker a week ago saw "masses" of interest rates. But now 60,000 euros in Proton barricaded with 4.1% for quarter