It will bankrupt our country?

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The fear of failure in our country is not new. We have a bad history (1893 Trikoupis: "Unfortunately eptochefsamen) and a threat for years ( the relevant article of 2005 , when our debt was 215 billion euros).

Are unjustifiable strong rumors?
The Greek economy is in poor condition: The state has no revenue (mainly taxes) about 50 billion a year and owes 326 billion (125% of Gross National Product). This year interest only have to pay 13 billion ( 2010 budget ).




Mutual funds

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Seeing the interest rate futures have fallen to very low levels, many are looking to put their savings into more profitable investments. So some people think investing in mutual funds, ignoring perhaps the chance of loss from this investment.

What is the fund?

Fund is the common property created by a group of investors. Depending on the amount contributed by each investor, and is the holder of the corresponding part of such property in the form of shares. O number of shares of a fund is growing as new investors buy shares and reduced shareholders when they leave it. Those syneisferooun the creation of such property, sharing profits and losses that may arise, depending on the share of each. The chapter concentrates shall be managed by a management company Investor Mutual Funds (Anonymous Mutual Fund Management Company).




Apati Bank

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Dear friends of T $ ig,

Because I have served the system for several years, state empedoste the following:

1. The product "filing" is one. Beyond that each bank design variants and sells them by giving them trendy names like "Advandage", "Profit", "Revenue" and various other colorful nicknames. This gives another account of the interest in advance, others monthly, others give you a low interest rate at the beginning and much later, another gives you the right commitment without penalty, other raffles TV and travel to the Seychelles, etc. Others No extras or convenience is not free. Everything is costed.



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