House loans of variable rate

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BankProductMinimum loan €RateOther parametersUpdated on
Piraeus bank Housing Loan Associated with Euribor month 20.000 2,35% Euribor monthly spread duration longer than 2,35%. 29/11/2021
Alpha Bank Alpha Δέσμευση 0 2,70% Euribor 3M more 2,70%. Percentage financing through 60% of the estimated value of property. 30/11/2021
Attica Bank attica My Home 20.000 2,95% Euribor 3M more Spread from 2,95%. 30/11/2021
National Estia ΜΕΙΚΤΟ 10.000 3,18% Euribor 3M or Ecb plus from 3,18%. 24/11/2021

These rates charged with capital 0,12% (Low 128/75) for mortgage loans, which lies in borrower. The final rate of of loan formed depending on the purpose of the loan and rate finance relation to commercial worth.