Lower Gasoline Prices

Because it is easy to follow what we are looking gas station has the cheapest gasoline, the solution gives us the . Φθηνότερη βενζίνη

This is a website whose aim is to inform consumers of the cheapest fuel prices in their area.

It has information on more than 4200 stations across Greece. Daily prices for imported them from service members in Greece and display averages and other statistical areas.

What can the user find there?

  • To find fuel prices for the region.
  • To display classified as less or greater value.
  • Be informed about services in stations.
  • To see what the view of others for them.
  • To see if they make a breach (of those published by official sources).
  • Seeing mode service on Sundays, holidays, nights.
  • Be informed on current news in the field of fuel and energy.
  • To read the discussions taking place in the forum site.
  • To see some statistics of fuel.
  • Be updated accordingly for parking there.

Now, if someone is a member can also:

  • To introduce fuel prices in the area.
  • To introduce a new service that are not registered in our database and correct the data already existing (this should be checked by the manager to avoid any malicious behavior).
  • To create groups in which to register the service that interest for easier observation and admission prices.
  • To import vehicles and record the costs make them for fuel, security, service, etc. and even fines may be paid.
  • Participate in forum discussions, create new topics or reply to existing ones.
  • Doing criticism in accordance with the service experience but to offend or disparage.
  • Make some free advertising firm or agency that wants premises advertising of members of the site.
  • To introduce new markets for space fuel and energy.